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Linda Tello, Ph.d., P.E.

Linda is a Latina engineer and first generation American with indigenous ancestry of the Pijaos from the Andes of Colombia. After 15+ years in private and government interdisciplinary engineering arenas, Linda pursued her doctorate in Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering at Arizona State University (ASU). At ASU, her doctoral research: Theorizing the State of Health Practices and Climate in Construction via Fourfold Structuration, demonstrated it is possible to successfully integrate ancient (Indigenous/Earth-based) and modern (Western) perspectives - often thought to be at odds – for the development of more robust, sustainable, feasible, cost-effective, and holistic engineering solutions. Through her passion for – Indigenous Ways of Knowing - Linda recognized more holistic and sustainable - Modern Innovative Solutions – could be developed for our needs of clean water, clean air, clean energy, sustainable food, and affordable housing. This integrative approach for more creative engineering solutions inspired Whole Earth Engineering, Inc. During her “free” time Linda can be found exploring nature with her dog, Mr. Oliver, who reminds her and continually teaches her the importance of stopping to smell the flowers.