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Whole Earth Engineering, Inc. envisions a new innovative paradigm for meeting our human needs based on respect for the wisdom of all. For given the present challenges we face, holistic, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions will ONLY be possible by integrating all wisdom – timeless and new.

Your donations support the mission of  Whole Earth Engineering, Inc. – Improving Lives via Nature-Inspired Solutions – by enabling direct interactions with communities that have held unbroken connections to Mother Nature for millennia.  In exchange for sharing their wisdom, your donations enable communities to realize into the world their visions of how they wish to share their culture with others.

Whole Earth Engineering, Inc. integrates wisdom shared by indigenous communities into culturally appropriate client and community outcomes.  The integration informs and transforms modern paradigms by bridging non-indigenous and indigenous perspectives – via the alignment of cash-flow and conscience –  into profitable and sustainable opportunities aligned with and respectful of the Earth.

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