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Why Are we Doing this?

Whole Earth Engineering

A New Innovative Paradigm​


Promote Respect and Understanding between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous People’s Knowledge Systems.

The [Re]-Grounding of Modern Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) via World-Wide Traditional Knowledge Systems.

What Sets Us Apart?

Ancient Wisdom | Modern Innovative Solutions | Holistic & Sustainable Strategy

Whole Earth Engineering, Inc., via the innovative paradigm of integrating Indigenous Ways of Knowing with Western Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) disciplines, creates for communities served, cost-effective, holistic, sustainable, and feasible environmental and engineering  solutions aligned with and respectful of the Earth.  Through the integration of ancient wisdom with modern innovative solutions, Whole Earth Engineering,Inc., demonstrates that new respectful, informative, and transformative profitable market opportunities are possible for all when cash-flow and conscience align. 


Earth’s Directions & Elements​
Understanding how each element of the Earth constructively supports the other allows the creation of project outcomes technically engineered in alignment with and respectful of the Earth. The constructive cycle is – wood feeds fire – fire ash feeds the Earth. – Earth contains metals – metals enrich water – water feeds wood. The reverse order is known as the destructive cycle and results in harmful outcomes for environmental systems.
NORTH: Air & Animals
Animals and humans need clean air. We seek client solutions that mitigate harmful impacts and/or improve air quality outcomes.
EAST: Fire & Ether
The Sun provides life’s energy. We incorporate the understanding of the movement of energy through nonphysical fields (para-physics) into client solutions.
SOUTH: Water & Plants
Water is life. We seek creative, realistic ways to ensure our clients would drink the water their businesses leave its neighbors.
WEST: Earth & Material
EVERYTHING is made of Earth. From organic to “man-made” materials, we seek opportunities to “Lean & Green” our client’s supply chain and processes.



The Medicine Wheel

Earth's directions & Elements

Aligning Cash Flow and Conscience

Strategies that Benefit Your Business and the Environment


Collaborative Creativity | Technical Liaison | optimization | planning

Collaborative Creativity

Do you have an concept for a project or business, but have trouble getting it out of you? Whole Earth Engineering, Inc. can help you find your center and identify what it is you want to create. Whole Earth Engineering, Inc. can assist you in masterminding a realistic plan to manifest your vision into your reality.

Technical Liaison

Are you an Indigenous community wanting to work with non-Indigenous entities? Or, are you a non-Indigenous entity wanting to engage with Indigenous communities? Feeling you don’t have the understanding and/or know how? Whole Earth Engineering, Inc. can assist in bridging the communication gap by identifying common ground.


Process Optimization

Do you want to improve the sustainability of your business and integrate more holistic perspectives and methods? Grounded in Indigenous knowledge from around the world, Whole Earth Engineering, Inc. can work with you to identify opportunities for optimizing your business.

Holistic Planning

Entails integrating indigenous knowledge of the Earth’s systems throughout client processes, projects, programs, and strategies. Planning explores the client’s supply chain and resource use for opportunities to minimize and mitigate potential impacts to the client’s consumers and the Earth.

Reaserch | Planning | Project Management

Engineering Services