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Tech for Indigenous Youth via Expressions of Humanity’s Project Destiny for Unlocking Silent Histories!

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Whole Earth Engineering, Inc. via Expressions of Humanity’s Project Destiny have partnered to provide computers, cameras, and other technology to support the Indigenous Youth of the Unlocking Silent Histories program.

Expressions of Humanity (EOHF) founded by Ms. Enolia Foti and Cherise Brown provides emergency humanitarian aid, promotes global activism, and provides life skill training to under-served communities by leveraging education, media and technology. Project Destiny focuses on providing laptops to school aged children who do not have access to equipment or technology.  This partnership teams up our efforts to help youth who need technology to learn skills in order to fully participate in the modern world. Find out more about Project Destiny at

Unlocking Silent Histories, founded by Dr. Donna DeGennaro, is a program that focused on teaching Indigenous youth how tell their own stories from their own perspectives via photography, video, and other media outlets.  The donations and in-kind resources donated through Whole Earth Engineering, Inc. and Expressions of Humanity’s Project Destiny will benefit the Q’ero youth in Peru. The Q’ero youth will learn how to use cameras, computers, etc. so they can be empowered to tell and document the stories of their communities.  More information about Unlocking Silent Histories can be found at

Thank you in advance for supporting this important work!


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