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Uganda – Water for Life Project

Water for Life:


Problem: Lack of nearby clean drinking water for Malongo C. village, Ug.
Solution: Construct a solar powered/mechanical borehole in the vicinity
Organizer: Allan Buyinza

In Uganda, before school, kids carry 6 gallon jerry cans full of water on their heads…

or, strap jerry cans full of water to their bikes…

…making the kids are too tired in class after walking or biking a total of 3.2 miles to and from the water well both before school and after school to fetch water for their families.

Construct a solar powered/ mechanical borehole in the vicinity.  The place was confirmed in 2015 to have underground water after a politician who was targeting 2016 elections had promised a borehole to the village.

Impact by the Proposed Solution:
•  Easily accessible clean drinking water
•  Kids will be in a better position to attend school because they do not have to carry water through a long distance before and after school
•  Reduced chances of chest complications among kids and women since they don’t have to carry water on their heads far from the village
•  May boost sanitation and agriculture and will reduce school dropout rate

Please visit the Water for Life link above and donate to this project. Thank you!

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